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Friday, May 2, 2014

Campfire Cooking This Summer With The Stake & Grill Campfire Rack By Stromberg Carlson

I have always loved these style grills, but they just don't seem to stay available for very long.  The first
Stromberg Carlson Stake and Grill
was the Tring Deluxe Cooking Grill with it's unique quick adjustment grill arm.  I actually still have and use this grill, but it's big and difficult to store in most RV storage bays. And from the feedback we received over the years the price point was just to high and so was recently discontinued.  A few others have come and gone with such issues as difficult to use grill adjustment systems, unstable stake, small grilling surface and high prices.  That was until the introduction of the Stake & Grill Campfire Rack.

Stromberg Carlson must have done it's homework when they designed this simple to use over the fire grilling system.  Many of the short comings with the other campfire grills are all but improvements in the Stake & Grill.  The grilling surface measures a perfect 15” wide x 22” long and features turned up edges so food doesn't end up in the fire.  The locking handle easily slides the grill up and down the stake to adjust the heat depending on the size of your fire.  What I love is the heat resistant handle that keeps your hands from getting scorched when adjusting the grill height or pivoting it away from the fire for loading and unloading of food.  The 36” long stake is the perfect length for securing the grill even in soft ground.  And they round out the system with a heavy duty nylon bag to keep things neat and tidy.

Let's review,  hot dogs wont roll off the grill with the up turned edge, it's heavy duty enough to hold a nice big pot of coffee or steaks for the whole family.  At under $50 we think the Stake & Grill is the answer to RV'ers requirements for cooking great tasting meals over the campfire.

Click Here for more details on the Stake & Grill Campfire Grill

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