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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mobile Outfitters Straptek Kit Makes Weight Distribution Easier

There is often more than one way to get a job done, and adjusting the weight tension for towing a trailer is no different. The Mobile Outfitters Straptek Kit offers an easier way to adjust the weight distribution for trailers and other towed vehicles. The standard way has typically been through the use of chains and snap-up brackets, but the Straptek uses durable polyester straps and a ratchet winch to do the job.
Using this system comes with many benefits, including ease of use and an increase in safety. Weight tension can be set using just a simple socket wrench. Added to that is the fact that the trailer does not need to be lifted and lowered in order to use the Straptek. With conventional set ups, spring bars can store the built-up tension and once released can cause potential injury. Using the Straptek system makes things safer for you and takes less time by being able to adjust the spring bars without lifting.
Another advantage to using Straptek is that it is able to provide better sway control than a chain and bracket system. Chains often leave several inches of extra length, which can cause problems if there is no other sway control device in use. The Straptek reduces the length between the assembly and the spring bar, so there is greater control while on the road. It also keeps things quieter, eliminating the noise chains can cause. It works with most kinds of weight distribution systems and includes 2 Straptek assemblies and attachment bolts, as well as the straps to go with them.

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