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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Valterra 15′ RV Awning Drape

During an RV camping trip, the strength of the sun can play a large factor in the amount of time spent outside. Sometimes the amount of sunlight is more than your RV awning can handle. Too much heat can even drive you back inside in more extreme cases. Using an awning accessory such as the Valterra RV awning drape can assist in that area. It not only will increase the amount of shade, but also will create more privacy for the space underneath the awning. This can be an ideal benefit when you are in a more crowded area or if you wish to separate the spaces at the campsite.

The more sunlight is blocked, the more the temperatures can be kept to a comfortable level. However, daytime is not the only time when the Valterra RV awning drape is useful. It also features solar powered LED rope lights that will come on once it gets dark. The drape is long enough to provide a sufficient amount of shade, up to 85%, while also having a 15′ width. The rope lights feature two settings for two different types of illumination. The drape comes with the means to properly secure it and mount the rope lights.

This awning drape can also be used to help protect any outdoor furniture from sun damage. Because it comes with rope lights, the Valterra RV awning drape can save you from having to provide as much of your own illumination. Having a drape for the awning will make your next RV trip a more enjoyable experience.

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