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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Camco Power Defender Voltage Monitor Protects Your RV From High Voltages

When you are out camping, especially at a new campground that you haven't been to before, you want to be sure things are safe when you go to hook up your RV to a power pedestal. Electrical protection is crucial to avoiding potential accidents and problems, some of which can be severe if the proper precautions aren't taken. This blog has discussed the general benefits of RV surge protection before, because it is so important. Today I will be discussing the details of one protection product in particular, the Camco Power Defender Voltage Protector Monitor.
This voltage monitor can detect when incorrect voltage occurs and take appropriate action to protect you and your equipment from the problem. When the voltage goes beyond the safe range, power to the RV is disabled, returning once voltage falls back within safer levels. There is a delayed response when power returns, so as not to cause a sudden power surge for your electrical devices. Easy to use, it features hand grips on each end, making it easier to ensure that complete connections are made. They also help when it comes time to remove the device. 
Whether you own a 30 Amp or 50 Amp RV, the Camco Power Defender can keep things safer for you and anyone who may be traveling with you. It will help protect your equipment from damage, not only from high voltages, but also from reverse polarity. When it is initially plugged in to the power pedestal, the LED indicators on the device can inform you of the problem that is detected. Pedestals without power can also be detected by this voltage monitor.

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