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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CURT Two Piece Basket Cargo Carrier

Curt Basket Cargo CarrierThe CURT two piece basket cargo carrier features a steel construction with a black powder coating that makes it resistant to corrosion and more durable against outside elements. It features an angled shank that will keep the platform elevated, making it easier to load and providing greater ground clearance. Raised side rails and multiple tie-down points allow you to haul your luggage or equipment more securely. The 500 lb weight capacity and wide 60" x 20" dimensions create space for many different types of cargo.
When determining how much weight the CURT cargo carrier can handle, its important to keep in mind the distance the carrier is sitting from the vehicle. For example, a carrier with a 600 lb tongue weight that sits 2 feet out from the vehicle can safely carry 300 lbs. Using a hitch mounted cargo carrier like the CURT two piece carrier, as opposed to a roof mounted carrier, promotes greater fuel efficiency as it does not affect your vehicle's aerodynamics. Your luggage or equipment also stays in better reach and is easier to get to. Its also good to make sure that your cargo is being transported securely so it will not come loose or get lost while on the road.

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