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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tips for Using Your Stabilizing Jacks

Have you ever spent time in a trailer when the stabilizer jacks aren't deployed? The rocking of the unit can make you feel off balance and can negatively impact the way your refrigerator and other appliances function if you are out of level. Regardless of whether you use the looking for ideas on how to keep your RV from rocking or your in need of additional jacks to help with the problem, these tips can help you create a stable environment, no matter where you are.
Bring Wood or Use Jack Pads for a Base
Many campsites are located on gravel or dirt pads that aren't always the most stable base for your trailer. If you engage your stabilizing jacks on these surfaces, they can sink into the ground and may not offer the stability you are looking for. Before you head out on your next camping trip, cut small pieces of wood that fit beneath your jacks to give them a solid surface on which they can rest. The wood or jack pads should extend beyond the jacks by a couple of inches for greater stability.
Chock the Wheels
It isn't only the stabilizing jacks that are responsible for keeping your trailer steady while you spend time inside. Chocking the wheels can lend additional stability to your trailer and is mandatory before you unhitch your tow vehicle. You can purchase plastic or metal blocks in a variety of designs that best suit your needs. There are also locking chocks that lock tandem axle trailer tires together and provide even less movement than wheel chocks.  Secure the wheels before engaging your jacks to ensure the most stability.
Consider Jack Stabilizers
For shorter trailers, the jacks installed on the trailer itself are typically enough to provide the support you need. Unfortunately, longer trailers often need an extra support to increase stability throughout the trailer. Jack stabilizers are supports that attach to the frame of the trailer and connect to the the jack itself.  By adding these jack supports in both directions you will have the ultimate in trailer stability.  
Stabilizing jacks are necessary to give your trailer stability and prevent rocking and swaying motions when you walk around inside. However, using these jacks by themselves doesn't always provide the stability you need. In addition to the jacks, bring along wood blocks or jack pads to create a solid surface for the jacks.  Also wheel chocks will help further stabilize the trailer and possibly adding jack stabilizers for those longer trailers. With these tips, you can make your trailer as solid as rock.
If you need more jacks to keep your trailer still, contact us. We carry a selection of stabilizing jacks for all types of trailers.

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