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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Promoting Peace of Mind: Introducing the Top Batteryminder Products

Your RV is full of electrical accessories and vital components that make camping and traveling a whole lot easier.  Even though these accessories can be great additions to your rig, they can sometimes put a strain on your batteries. Worry isn't part of the fun when out on the road, that's why Batteryminder has developed some innovative battery power monitoring and charging devices specifically designed to give you peace of mind when traveling.
Top Batteryminder Products
  • BatteryMinder 2012 12 Volt 2 Amp Battery Charger, Maintainer, Desulfator, Conditioner: This plug and play device is easy to install and designed to work with any 12v Lead-Acid Battery. The unit is built tough; the rugged exterior is weather proof and water resistant for enhanced reliability. The intricately designed microprocessor will maintain battery charge without overcharging. The diagnostic LED display is simple to read and will alert you when the battery is low, is polarity is reversed, if cells are in good condition, and much more.
  • BatteryMINDer SCC05 Solar Controller 12 Volt With 5 Watt Panel: This unit is impressive; allowing you to use solar power to recharge and maintain your batteries. The panel is weather durable and versatile; with the ability to charge AGM, sealed gel, marine, maintenance free, dry, and valve regulated batteries. The smart technology allows the panel to safely maintain and charge without ever having to worry about overcharging; supplying the exact voltage needed for optimum battery performance.
  • BatteryMINDer OBD-12V OnBoard Battery Restorer-Conditioner 12-Volt: This on board battery conditioning system works flawlessly without ever having to be hooked up to a 120v power source. It can easily work in conjunction with your AUX battery charger and maintainer through its plug and play port. Having the ability to desulfate up to six batteries at once, multi-battery use vehicles especially benefit from this unit. Patented RFP technology allows this unit to dissolve both established and new sulfate deposits significantly increasing your RV battery life.  

For more information on these products and the entire Bateryminder line, please contact the experts at RV Upgrades.com

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