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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Jensen Bluetooth Stereo Expands Your Entertainment Options

Jensen DVD/CD Bluetooth Stereo
Having versatile entertainment devices while you are away from home is always a plus. Making sure everyone is being kept entertained can help during long road trips, especially when you bring children with you. Being able to keep everyone occupied can make a big difference between having a relaxing trip or a frustrating one. The last thing you want is to return more flustered than when you left. The Jensen DVD/CD Bluetooth Stereo is one such device that provides a wide range of choices for electronic entertainment. If a distraction is needed, there will be several available alternatives to provide it.
This Bluetooth stereo is compatible with CDs and DVDs, including recordable CDs & DVDs which do not always work in all players. It can be hooked up to external devices, such as MP3 players, when you wish to make use of your own music library. The Bluetooth function takes things one step further. It allows the stereo to connect to any audio device that has Bluetooth capabilities, such as smartphones or tablets. The Jensen stereo can also function as a basic radio, storing up to 30 presets. 
Due to the extensive testing conducted on Jensen products, the stereo can be subjected to different traveling conditions, such as vibration and temperature extremes. This includes not only the temperature while the equipment is in use, but also during long periods of storage. The vibration tests ensure that it will still be able to function while traveling on uneven or rough roads. The Jensen DVD/CD Bluetooth Stereo keeps you from having to limit your options while traveling.

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