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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Camco Propane Distribution Post Allows You To Hook Up Multiple Appliances

While on an RV camping trip, there are several different appliances that make use of propane. Many times you may wish to use more than one at the same time. For example, you may want to use a propane grill while also wanting to power a propane lantern or heater. Consolidating and streamlining can be very beneficial, especially when you are away from home with limited space. Using an item such as the Camco Propane Distribution Post will give you added convenience while you are on your next RV trip. It has the ability to connect with up to three other pieces of equipment, such as grills, lanterns, heaters or stoves. By using three appliances at once off the same tank, it reduces the need to disconnect one item in order to hook up another. It will also help save time and effort since all three items can be supplied at the same time.

This distribution post can also support your propane lantern up to 30" above the tank, creating greater clearance underneath. A propane lantern would also be able to sit at 15" if there is no need for a greater height. It also has two side connectors to support other devices. The side connectors include auto-shutoff, for greater safety.

The entire assembly is lightweight and easy to transport to a specific location. All the parts for the propane distribution post can be stored in the carrying bag that comes included with the set. Having a storage bag will also make room to store any additional accessories needed for the post, so everything is all in one place.

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