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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Carefree of Colorado EZ Zipblocker Is The Perfect RV Awning Accessory

EZ Zipblocker Awning Sun Screen
Top section of EZ Zipblocker installed.
The Carefree EZ Zipblocker is a product I have been waiting for ever since I saw A & E awnings version back in 2007.  The A & E version was a great concept with it's motor driven integration in the awning roller tube, but I don't see they offer this anymore, so there may have been problems with it's durability.  Even so, this new sun shade for your awning is a great product that most all RV'ers can install and enjoy.

So what is the EZ Zipblocker

The Carefree of Colorado EZ Zipblocker is a mesh screen that is inserted into your awnings roller tube to block up to 85% of light. Depending on how your parked, you maybe getting blasted by the sun low in the horizon in the morning or evening when your awning just can't provide shade. With the EZ Zipblocker in place, you now get much better shade coverage from your awning keeping you cool and comfortable without blocking your view. The top zipper section of the screen is inserted into the open slot on most any awning roller tube and stays installed even when your roll your awning up for storage.  This allows you to reach the zipper section without a ladder when you set up again and simply zip the body panel into place.  The black mesh fabric is constructed of woven 100% polyester with a durable vinyl coating and features grommets in the body section to allow for tie downs.

What makes this Awning Sun Screen Better

Here is the beauty of this sun screen.  That zippered section that is installed in the open slot of your awning remains there even when you close the awning.  So no more installation and removal of a long sun screen that usually needs the help of another person. Depending on which model you purchase you may only need a foot or two of protection and thus never zip the body screen section in place. But if you need full sun protection it's easily zipped on to the top section in just a matter of seconds without the need of a ladder.

A Weekend of Use

So I got a few days to play around with the EZ Zipblocker and I love it!  We put it up on a sunny morning and immediately felt the benefits of additional sun protection under the awning.  I generally never stake my awning down and rely on the wind sensor to bring the awning in when winds get to high.  For this reason I purchased the 9' drop which gives me a 3' section of Zipblocker that remains installed in the awning.  This is probably the only section I will use in the majority of cases since it provided a lot of sun coverage than with the awning by itself.   Another great benefit of this two piece system is that it is very easy to install by just one person. With the two sections apart, each one is very light and easy to manage.  It comes in a nice fabric carrying case and includes stakes to tie it down if so desired.  We had a decent breeze through out the day and the top section just floated back and forth (see photo above) and I don't see it being an issue even in higher winds.

Carefree of Colorado hit a home run with this great awning accessory by making it easy to use and compatible with most all awnings.   If you have questions or comments, please leave us a note here or contact us and we will be happy to help.

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  1. can a 15 foot be used in a 19 foot awning? our's has a 7 foot drop