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Monday, May 12, 2014

Hot List: Top RV Fresh Water Supplies & Accessories

Having the right fresh water products available while camping in your RV can make all the difference, especially when your on a summer trip.  Before heading out on your next adventure, check out these RV fresh water supplies and accessories.
Top RV Fresh Water Supplies & Accessories
  • Camco 44763 Supreme Starter Kit Bucket: If this is your first trip in your new RV, you won't want to forget this essential necessity kit. Camco is one of the most trusted names in RV accessories and supplies, so you know they have packed this bucket kit with everything you need on your first trip out. The Camco kit contains: HTS 10' sewer hose with pre-attached fitting, 3-pack of TST Orange Power Drop-INS holding tank treatment, 25' drinking water safe hose, 15 amp male to 30 amp female electrical adapter, 32 oz. RV Wash and Wax with sponge and 4-roll pack of 1-ply toilet tissue. 
  • Water Filters & Replacement Cartridges: These cartridges are designed to work with your current RV water filtration system. They are designed to filter out harmful bacteria and chemicals; thus supplying you with fresh, clean drinking water sans harmful contaminants. 
  • CR Spotless DIC-10A Medium Capacity De-Ionizer With Cart: Calcium deposits and other minerals can cause you to lose water pressure, discolor showers and toilets, damage your faucets, and cause water to have an off taste and smell. A de-ionizing system will reduce mineral deposits in your water system; consistently supplying you with clean, delicious tasting water.
  • Phoenix 917CL Clear Airfusion RV Handheld Shower Kit: After a long day out on the trail, there is nothing like a warm shower to get ready for the evening campfire session. This revolutionary shower kit will provide you with a high pressure shower, while conserving your water supply by 20-30%. In addition, this kit features a trickle shut off, for increased water supply conservation.

If you are interested in learning more about RV fresh water supplies & accessories, please contact the experts with RV Upgrades.com

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